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Cook All Of Your Fall Meals In This Cute Pumpkin Pot

Posted at 12:00 PM, Aug 31, 2020

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While I love the changing leaves, wearing sweaters and seeing Halloween decorations, my very favorite part of fall is hands-down the delicious stews, soups and chilis I can start cooking as soon as the weather turns cooler.

If simply preparing those fall-friendly foods inside your typical cookware isn’t festive enough for you, Staub has a new pot that will really help you bring out the seasonal vibes while you cook. This new, 3.5-quart cast-iron pumpkin cocotte comes in burnt orange, white, black or basil, which is a dark green hue.


Oven safe at up to 500 degrees and dishwasher safe, the pumpkin cocotte has a tight-fitting lid to retain moisture and a smooth enamel bottom that works on all stovetops: gas, electric, induction, ceramic, glass and halogen.

Cast and enameled in France, the interior enamel promotes browning. It can be used for slow-cooking meats and vegetables or for simmering hearty stews and soups. Of course, a pot this attractive can also serve as a decoration if you place it in the middle of the dinner table.

Williams Sonoma

As with all Staub cookware, this pretty pot is priced as a luxury item. The list price is set at $414 but we’ve found it considerably cheaper at several websites.

For example, you can find it in burnt orange on Amazon for $199. Zwilling has the white one on sale at $179.99, while the burnt orange and black versions are a little pricier. All colors are available at Williams Sonoma for between $179.95-$300. Williams Sonoma also has a 5-quart in the burnt orange variety for $299, with a list price of $714.

If these are still out of your price range, Staub also makes a mini, 24-ounce version in burnt orange for just $24.99 or a 16-ounce rustic ivory option that is just $29.96.


While not cookware, Cheryl’s Cookies has some beautiful ceramic pumpkin cookie jars that even come pre-filled with cookies if you want more pumpkin decor in your kitchen. This one is adorned with fall leaves so it can be left out all season, as does this one that also features colorful autumn mums.

If you prefer your pumpkins with a bit of spookiness, there’s also a jack-o’-lantern cookie jar, or you can go for even spookier and order a haunted house or black cat.

Cheryl's Cookies

Are you excited for all the fall goodies you’ll be cooking this season?

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