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These Christmas Butter Cookies Are Almost Too Beautiful To Eat

These Christmas Butter Cookies Are Almost Too Beautiful To Eat
Posted at 10:18 AM, Dec 20, 2021

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There are pretty Christmas cookies. And then there are the so-gorgeous-that-you-don’t-want-to-bite-into-them cookies.

Like the blue marble snowflakes Iced Butter Cookies by Becky Hardin of the Cookie Rookie.

Hardin makes a glaze for her crisp and rich cookies using corn syrup, powdered sugar, almond extract and water. By dropping in a small amount of gel food coloring and swirling it gently into the glaze, she creates a marbelized pattern that you can then dip your cookies in.

The Cookie Rookie

While Hardin’s photos are of a winter wonderland blue snowflake pattern, she points out that you can do this for a range of cookie shapes and colored dyes.

“I made snowflake cookies, but you could make Christmas tree cookies, snowman cookies, or simple round cookies,” Hardin wrote on her blog post about the iced butter cookies. “Make them with the family and let everyone choose their own shapes and decorations. It’s a great Christmas activity with a tasty treat to enjoy at the end!”

Bake at 350 blogger Bridget has a similar blue-hued marble star cookie that’s flecked with edible gold dust.

Chelsey from Chelsweets has a beautiful green Christmas tree marble pattern in her royal icing glaze. She creates it by creating two bags of colored icing and drizzling them on top of an uncolored royal icing base then gently swirling a pattern into the uncolored base with a toothpick. Cookies are dipped flat into the marbled icing and pulled up straight. She has a good illustration of the process on her blog.

The Cookie Rookie

Home Cooking Adventure‘s food blogger Ella highlights a red, green and white marbleized Christmas tree cookie that’s also very festive.

“I never really enjoyed icing cookies until I discovered this marbled effect,” Ella wrote. “It goes quick, it is easy and the cookies look absolutely fabulous.”

Easy but impressive-looking is a cookie combination we can get behind!

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