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You Can Now Buy Dill Pickle-Flavored Hummus

You Can Now Buy Dill Pickle-Flavored Hummus
Posted at 11:00 AM, May 29, 2020

Love everything and anything dill pickle-flavored? If so, Trader Joe’s has what’s bound to be your newest snack obsession: Dill Pickle Hummus. The grocer began rolling out the new product at the beginning of May, and it sounds like the perfect addition to any summer picnic.

Just grab some Everything Pretzel Slims, carrots and celery sticks, pita chips or any other hummus vehicle of your choice, and dig in! If you’re really crazy for pickles, you could even dip pickle spears in the Dill Pickle Hummus. As far as I know, you can’t overdose on dill, so if you’re that into pickles, go for it!

The company shared a shot of the dip on Instagram, along with some pairing ideas, including potato chips, and it looks amazing.

“Our supplier starts with chickpeas (aka garbanzo beans) and cooks them down right along with whole dill pickles,” reads the production description from Trader Joe’s. “The pickle-y chickpeas are then combined with tahini (ground sesame seeds), extra virgin olive oil, sea salt and seasonings — which include dried onion & garlic, black pepper and dill weed.”

An 8-ounce tub will set you back $1.99, if you can find one before they sell out.

Instagram user @reflectingyou spread some on a cauliflower thin, also from Trader Joe’s, and added some veggies on top, calling the healthy snack “amazing”:

I’m not gonna lie, that does sound delicious!

Meanwhile, @trader_joes_ing says the new hummus flavor is a must-try for any dill pickle enthusiast. They also said they grabbed the last tub available at their store.

Allison Underhill reviewed the hummus for Food Network, and she said after just one taste, she was “instantly hooked.”

“I will admit I was afraid the hummus would taste overwhelmingly salty and pickle-y, but that was certainly not the case,” she wrote. “Instead, the dill pickle hummus boasted a tangy flavor, and the creaminess helped balance out the salt and other seasonings.”

That sounds like a win to me!

Will you be adding this to your shopping list?

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