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Baker Is Turning Focaccia Into Edible ‘bread Art’

Baker Is Turning Focaccia Into Edible ‘bread Art’
Posted at 11:00 AM, Mar 10, 2020

Focaccia can be topped with everything from garlic, oil, and olives to cherry tomatoes, pine nuts, and rosemary sprigs. The flat, rustic appearance paired with colorful and interesting toppings makes focaccia bread a perfect platform for the artist’s touch.

One creative baker’s edible art is taking Instagram by storm, and with good reason. Not only are her gorgeous offerings totally trend-worthy, but she is inspiring others to take their flatbread to the next level, as well. Toronto-based @vineyardbaker has the tagline “Putting the Art in Artisan Breads.”

Turning Bread Into Art

To make these creations, vineyardbaker adds herbs, vegetables, seeds, and other attractive elements. She’ll even incorporate different doughs in order to create varied colors and textures, and she’s been known to score lines into the bread to create cool patterns, as for these and for her football-shaped pretzel rolls.

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What to bring to a last minute fall pot luck? fresh breads of course. Was only given 28 hour notice but these breads using the pate’ fermente method , locally grown red fife & rye along with some fresh garden herbs and pink peppercorns turned out pretty yummy! Perfect with the Wild Pumpkin bisque and Sam’s day boat Sea scallops fresh off the F/V Endurance. 🚣‍♂️ #eatlocal #dinnerwithfriends #friends #potluck #menemshafishmarket #bread #bakeveryday #pumpkin #seascallops #localgrains #redfife #rye #rosemary #baker #pumpkinbisque #pinkpeppercorn #wholegrain #artisanbread #marthasvineyard #mermaidfarms #buylocal #supportyourlocalfisherman #knowyourfisherman #fallharvest #mvfishermanspreservationtrust #fvendurance #scallopfisherman#october

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Taste of Home reports that vineyardbaker lets the dough rise a bit before adding delicate ingredients. She also brushes the bread with olive oil for a glossy touch and makes sure to thoroughly dry wet ingredients before adding them.

Her bread is often bold and colorful, such as this one she calls “poppy focaccia.” (Be sure to flip through to see the bread before and after baking.)

“Beautiful and tasty,” she wrote in this post. “So bright and colorful. Focaccia is 8 hour fermentation of 60/40 fresh ground einkorn and bread flour, fresh herbs and thin sliced vegetables and finished with organic olive oil and Maldon salt.”

She seems to have an affinity for pop oldies and uses cute, catchy lines to describe her stunning baked goods, like this beach-inspired flatbread.

“Somewhere beyond the Sea…” she posted, “there’s a focaccia waiting for me.”

She calls this one “tree of life focaccia…” It uses pumpernickel and sourdough breads as its base.

This one is titled “Vincent Vandough,” complete with sunflowers and poppies. How pretty!

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“Vincent Vandough “Food art that tastes as lovely as it looks. Channeling the inner Van Gogh here. Sunflowers and poppy’s create a delight to both the eyes and taste buds. Makes a great center piece for a dinner party . A moist interior crisp outer crust. Toppings include kalamata olives ,fresh herbs, yellow peppers,capers, grape tomatoes , etc. Set upon a beautiful canvas of hand milled organic Einkorn wheat sourdough 😋 . . #sourdough #instagood #foodstagram #bread #Naturallyleavened #artisanbread #realbread #flourwatersalt #wholegrain #bread #baker #foodart #sunflowers #photooftheday #food #rosemary #focaccia #vangogh #artisan #impressionism #marthasvineyard #artofinstagram #paintingoftheday #breadbaker #painting #bakery #oliveoil #artistsoninstagram #bakeeveryday #focacciabread #bakery #love #focaccia

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Other Bakers Find Inspiration

These delightfully delectable takes on focaccia have encouraged other bakers to try their hand at bread art. Lauren Whitten (@pocketgnome) shared her abstract creation.

“Tried out some Bread Art after seeing @vineyardbaker ‘s bread creations!” she wrote.

Tracy Wood (@livingcookbook) designed an edible bouquet.

“Having so much fun in the kitchen this afternoon,” she posted. “@vineyardbaker , you have inspired me!”

Vanessa Munroe, Pastry Chef Lecturer at West Herts College, teaches her lucky students to make focaccia such as this one, which has tomato roses to provide a romantic vibe.

Maybe man can’t live by bread alone, but it sure is fun to drool over all of this appetizing artwork. Would you give making bread art a try?

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