Yelp for Help Mike

Posted at 12:13 PM, Nov 03, 2016

Countless animals suffer from life-threatening illnesses and injuries, usually the result of being abused or neglected.

They require immediate...and expensive...veterinary care that is often beyond our resources.

Once treatment is administered, many require additional medical attention or intense socialization and behavior modification for weeks afterwards.

The community-funded Yelp for Help program offsets the SPCA's cost of caring for and eventually making possible successful adoptions of these special animals.

Can you give these animals in need the chances they deserve? Save lives today. Give to Yelp for Help.

Questions about Yelp for Help, our infirmary, or the SPCA's work in saving animals' lives? Contact SPCA Veterinary Services manager Debby Williams at 716.629.3526.