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Work balance – The Future of Work: 3 Steps to ensure an equitable workplace experience

Posted at 5:23 PM, Aug 03, 2022

Jeanne Meister, the Executive Vice President of Executive Networks, spoke with Emily Lampa about the changing nature of the workforce. In her interview, she shared key findings from the CHRO of the Future Research study. One of those findings is that businesses are dealing with a significant talent retention problem. Another survey through the University of Phoenix shows that employees feel that employers aren't doing enough to help them grow or develop new skills., which Meister says stands in contrast to the amount of money businesses have been putting into those programs.

Meister says these findings show that businesses need to do a better job to communicating their development programs to employees, and employees need to find out what their employers have in terms of available training.

You can find more about this study and the University of Phoenix Career Optimism survey here: