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Women in Leadership – January honoree

Posted at 5:01 PM, Jan 26, 2021

WKBW has teamed up with the Buffalo Niagara Chapter of Women in Leadership and we are celebrating great Western New York Women in Leadership. The January Women in Leadership honoree is Kimberly Suminski. She is the CEO of the Child Care Resource Network in Erie County. She says it is such an honor and she feels so humbled to be able to accept this.

Suminski says we can’t rebuild our economy without childcare and childcare is not just a women’s issue anymore or family’s issue; it’s a community issue. She says with the pandemic, we have risen to the challenge. It has not been easy for childcare providers and they are doing a magnificent job and she says she is honored to be a part such a huge endeavor in Western New York. They’re the only agency in Erie County that are able to match parents with providers and they help families provide a childcare plan. Another part of it, Suminski says, is that our navigators are so caring and very effective. She says they have parents that call years later when they are having another child.

Nominate a women business owner or working/professional women that exhibits leadership, enterprise and excellence, gives back to the community.

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