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Women in Leadership – February honoree

Posted at 6:29 PM, Feb 23, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-23 18:29:52-05

WKBW has teamed up with the Buffalo Niagara Chapter of Women in Leadership and we are celebrating great Western New York Women in Leadership. The February Women in Leadership honoree is Danise Wilson. She works for the Erie Niagara Health Education Centers. They are a health workforce agency. They help educate both community and health care providers to be better caretakers of the community that they serve. Danise Wilson says they want to encourage students of color to go into health professions first. They then mentor them through the college process, but they don’t stop there. She says once they are in college they offer them job shadows and things of that nature but some of their most important work has been the actual education of current health professionals and that is going and teaching things such as cultural competency, things of that nature so that they able to work better with these high need communities in turn reducing these health disparities and addressing the health crisis we have in high need communities.

She says this organization is phenomenal and such a phenomenal group of women. Some years ago, Danise Wilson was a stay at home mom looking to just enhance herself a little bit more and signed up for a program of theirs called the individual development program. She says these women took her in and showed her things that she was not aware of professionally, help nurture and grow her and she credits a lot of the work they do in that small organization to uplifting and enhancing women throughout this city.

Wilson says often times we miss so many opportunities by sitting back and she says she probably would have missed that same opportunity had she not looked at that ad. She says don’t be shy. You have to send out an email; you have to make phone call and just say hey my name is, and I love what you do. Do you have a minute to speak to me and nine times out of ten the response will be overwhelmingly yes. Danise Wilson says you have to go for it, put your shoulders back, be bold and step out.

Nominate a women business owner or working/professional women that exhibits leadership, enterprise and excellence, gives back to the community.
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