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Women in Business – Oyoyo’s Picture Perfect picnics

Posted at 5:13 PM, Jul 29, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-29 18:10:26-04

Natalie Oyoyo of Oyoyo’s Picture Perfect Picnics can make even a rainy day a perfect day for a picnic. Oyoyo’s Picture Perfect Picnics is a service where they come to you, they set up your picnic, prepare your picnic and clean up your picnic so all you do is show up. Mel wanted to know if you can have a picnic in the winter. Natalie says the igloo picnics are coming soon. You will be able to have a picnic in the snow.

Some of the picnics they offer include date night, movie night where they bring the big screen to you, right in in your backyard, brunch in the park, bachelorette picnic and tailgate picnics.

This is a new business for Natalie. She started it in May. She says in March she lost her sister to epilepsy and a big thing they always did were picnics. Natalie says after she left, she thought it would be great if she could bring joy to other people that her and her sister use to have together and decided to start a picnic business.

Natalie works with local farmers and local chefs to prepare amazing meals and not everyone is the same. They tailor it to who is having the picnic. Natalie will talk to you and ask questions, what are your wants, what are your needs and then she passes to the local chef they are using your particular picnic.

If you would like to book a picnic you can call her at 716-553-9908 and you can also follow her on Facebook @ Oyoyos Picture Perfect Picnics