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Women in Business - Organized by JM

Posted at 5:46 PM, May 10, 2021

Today on AM Buffalo Mel talked with a professional organizer. What does a professional organizer do? Jessica Moskal, owner of Organized by JM says they help with anything from decluttering, downsizing, the moving, the packing, the unpacking and everything in between.

How easy is to maintain once it’s done? Jessica says they really do try to set you up for success where things are labeled; things are clear and things are very visible so when they aren’t here the upkeep and the maintenance is very simple but if feel over time things are becoming a little bit disorganized they can come back and do a refresh and help with the maintenance and kind of start you back at square one.

What is the process? Jessica says they like to come in and do an initial assessment; do a walk through, take a look at your space, see what you have; see what is working for you. So, whatever someone has they can work with that.

Organized by JM can help you with any room. Jessica says the most popular space they work in are the kitchen, pantry, closet, but they work in garages, basements, attics, crawl spaces, bedrooms and everywhere in between.

Do you need to clean up before they come in? Jessica says no. They want to see your space the way it is every day, the way you live, your routines, they want no cleaning up, no picking up; they want to see the space as is when they come in. The first thing they do when they meet with people is assess their space, take a look at everything. They will ask questions, what’s working, what’s not working. Then they will talk about the things in the space. Do they belong there, or do they need to move to a different place? Are there expiration dates they need to go through and phase out because they are old? Jessica says they will measure all your space and they really want to customize the plan with organizing products that will fit your space, that will work with your lifestyle and makes sense and help you get organized.

Jessica says there is no one reason why a person hires an organizer. Whether you are overwhelmed, which is probably the most common call that they get, you’re overwhelmed, you don’t have time, you’re a busy parent, you don’t feel like it; it doesn’t matter to them because at the end of the day they want to give you peace of mind in your space and that is what is most important to them says Jessica.

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