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Wings Flights of Hope fundraiser event

Posted at 5:22 PM, Jul 28, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-28 17:22:02-04

Kyliee Bukowski, Wings Flights of Hope recipient, shares that when she was 14 years old, she was diagnosed with cancer and says Roswell didn’t have the medical care that was needed for her. She needed to get to New York City as soon as she could, and Wings Flights of Hope came in and flew her to New York City within the next day. They flew her four times back and forth. She said they would go there and be back in the same day.

Joey DeMarco, pilot and founder remembers Kyliee was just a young teenage girl and was so excited that someone was going to try help her in New York and she had her evaluation and a week later she was going back for surgery and then she came home, and they sent the medication for two years from New York to Buffalo because it wasn’t available here. Joey says you see her now, she is beautiful, and that’s how we get paid, seeing the results like that.

Kyliee says her immune system and white blood cells were super low, so she didn’t have an immune system, so it wasn’t safe for her to fly commercial. She says Joe is great and he helped her so much through it all and he is just amazing.

Joey says we have a lot of great hospitals here but sometimes there are things that can’t be done here and there’s no hospital that specializes in everything so that’s where we come in. Wherever people need to go for their treatment, whether it’s New York, Philly, Boston, Cleveland, we are there for them and we will take them as many times as they need to go.

On August 7th they are doing a fundraiser and Joe says you can expect a good time. There will be food throughout the whole event, then a chicken dinner, there will be four bands playing, and beer, pop and wine is included. You will hear testimonials from some of the people and how Wings Flights of Hope made a difference in their life. He says they want people to have a good time and leave knowing what Wings Flights of Hope is all about.

Kyliee says everyone should support Wings, if it’s not for themselves, it’s for someone else around them in Western New York and it’s a good cause and they are always here to help people.

The event goes from 4:00pm until 11:00pm at The Meeting Place located at 3964 California Road in Orchard Park. It is a rain or shine event to raise money for Wings Flights.

For more information about Wings Flights of Hope and the fundraising event on August 7th visit