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Riverdance is a dream come true for three Williamsville women

Posted at 4:35 PM, Apr 07, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-08 15:40:50-04

Riverdance is at Shea’s this weekend and three women from Williamsville are in it. You can see Kevinah Dargan, Fiona Dargan and Erin Lynch perform on stage.

When asked how do you feel being able to perform together in this production together, Kevinah Dargan says, I mean, Riverdance, we all grew up watching first of all, so for us to be in the show is just a blessing, but for three girls from the same town in Buffalo, New York to be in the cast is almost unheard of, so honestly, we are really blessed to be a part of it and we can’t wait for everyone in Buffalo to actually comes see it.

Kevinah says when Riverdance ended, our tour, because of the pandemic we kind of had to figure our something to do because theaters were shot and says she and Erin teach and Fiona got into real estate. Kevinah goes on to say it’s such an amazing thing for not only our teacher, who taught us all these years to come see us but, now our students to come see the show too, it’s gonna be pretty cool.

When asked if they are traveling, they said no. Kevinah says they are letting us perform in Buffalo, you know they were supposed to let us do that the last tour. Fiona Dargan says we were on the 25th two years ago in 2020 and they are currently redoing the 25th tour so they’ve been on the road, they’re traveling for the next couple of month’s city-to-city so we are just hopping in for the Buffalo show which we are so thankful for.

They tell us the cool thing about Riverdance is that it stayed the same, the choreography, the numbers and that’s what makes it the original and it has been going on for 26 years the exact same way except for the 25th. There are a couple of new costumes, a new number in the show and a new set which they say is really awesome. Kevinah, Fiona and Erin will be in the majority of the main group numbers in the show.

Erin says growing up we practiced every single day and for the training you have to be dancing every day; it’s so strenuous and such high energy but then it also requires technique with turned out feet, steady upper body so you really have to practice a lot.

Erin says this is literally our dream come true; we have dreamed about performing at Shea’s since we were little girls and so we are just hoping to inspire the next generation and show them it is possible; dream big, go for it and we are really excited and hope to inspire our students.

Kevinah says it’s crazy to think that we’ve performed on Broadway, the West End, Radio City Music Hall and we have not performed at Shea’s and that’s the one thing we need to get to and we’re finally getting there. Erin says it make us very emotional.

I can say that we pretty much all we were the little girls in the crowd and now and we all keep saying it all goes full circle and now we are like in so it brings us back to being the 4 year-old cheering in the back.

Riverdance is at Shea’s April 8th - 10th. For more information and tickets got