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William Mattar Law Offices – Pencils 4 Schools Campaign

Posted at 6:16 PM, Aug 04, 2021
and last updated 2021-08-04 18:16:49-04

Megan Lederhouse William Mattar outreach coordinator says the William Mattar Law offices has been running this campaign for years. They want to make sure all the teachers who have participated in the past and also let new teachers know about it. She says this campaign helps tremendously, and they have gotten such feedback, support and participation for this campaign. Megan says it helps the students, it helps the parents and also it help the teachers. A lot of times, she says, people don’t realize that the teachers are responsible for these supplies for their students and it causes an anxiety for the kids too if they don’t have these supplies and they know they need them. It’s one less thing we want the kids to worry about, the teachers, the parents going back this year and it is a big year for the everybody to go back to school this year hopefully.

Megan tells us you need to register, and it is very easy. If you are a teacher go to and under the community section, you will see Pencils 4 School right at the top of the page. Fill out the quick form and she says what’s really important this year, and they want to make sure teachers are aware of, is that as always, they want to help as many classrooms, as many schools as they can but they have to start with the ones that are in the biggest need so after you fill out the form, teachers should then share the page on thier Facebook page or on a group text with other teachers at their school. She says the more teachers that register from each school the better. When teachers are done with registration which is open until August 13th, the William Mattar Law Offices will ship the pencils directly to the schools. They will make sure they get a little bit over a week before school starts so the supplies are ready for the kids.

They are also excited to be a sponsor of the Ashford Cup. It is a golf tournament taking place on Monday, August 9th and it supports the Griffis Sculpture Park in Cattaraugus county. For more information on the event and foundation, you can go to

For more information pm the Pencils 4 School Campaign go to