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William Mattar Law Offices – Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

Posted at 4:34 PM, May 05, 2021

May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month and The William Mattar Law offices wants to get the word out to be alert to bikers on the road. Megan Lederhouse, says unfortunately they have seen many devasting motorcycle accidents which is why this awareness is so important to their law firm. She says motorcyclists tend to sustain very serious injury due to lack of protection you would find with a vehicle such as steel frame and airbags. She says there also tends to be a rise in catastrophic accidents with the nicer weather so this is a great time to remind everybody that we need to stay alert and avoid distractions while driving.

The William Mattar Law offices have put together some tips and information to keep everybody safe this motorcycle season. You can go to to view that information. Some important things to keep in mind are to be aware of you blind spots especially when making turns. Also, if you see one biker just assume that there are more. Give bikers a little extra space, driving a motorcycle requires different maneuvers then a car or truck.

William Mattar Law Offices is a proud sponsor of the BACA 100 mile ride here in Buffalo. If you are not familiar with BACA it stands for Bikers Against Child Abuse and their mission is to create a safer environment for abused children, working together with local and State officials to keep these children safe. The 100 mile race will take place internationally on Saturday, May 15th. Here in Buffalo the ride will start at Buffalo Choppers and end at Sheehan’s. For anyone who wants to help support this organization you can go and search the Buffalo chapter.

For more information visit by clicking here or give them a call at 444-4444.