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William Mattar Law Offices promoting awareness in hopes of saving lives

Posted at 4:21 PM, Apr 06, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-08 15:53:38-04

Megan Lederhouse, outreach coordinator at William Mattar says unfortunately because we help people after motor vehicle accidents, we’ve seen how a split-second decision can really change lives, we’ve seen this first-hand so we really want to raise awareness and share education as much as we can in the area to try to prevent this from happening whenever possible.

To promote awareness in WNY, the William Mattar Law offices has their Drive Distracted, Lives Impacted Program. Megan says in year past, prior to the pandemic, we were able to go into the high schools specifically, the new drivers and present to the students and give them information, real life information from the attorneys that are speaking to them first-hand; it really serves as a wake-up call. She says obviously we talk to the students about injuries and what can possibly happen in that aspect, but also other things, you know some people think they might not get injured but what about financial repercussions, things that can happen to kids who just got their firs car, maybe they are going off into the workforce or to college and again it’s the split-second decisions that can change your life forever, so it’s really important for us to get back into these schools now, post pandemic.

Emily says she remembers having presentations like this in school and they were usually around prom, but the William Mattar presentation is unique. Megan Lederhouse says we definitely thought about that, and we all remember those presentations for school, and we actually have had schools, in the past, require this presentation on the day of the prom. She says it is very proactive of the school to do that to keep their kids safe, but you have to make it interactive and I think that what the students really like about this is just being able to talk to the attorneys directly and ask them whatever questions they want, whether it is about distracted driving or being an attorney for a personal injury firm. She says it’s just something that is very interesting to a student, and I noticed that the presentation is very engaging; we aren’t just talking at students, we are giving real life examples that make sense to them. Megan tells us they realized, the financial aspect can kind of hit home with the students.

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