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Willam Mattar Offices Talks About Carbon Monoxide Month

Posted at 4:05 PM, Jan 07, 2019

The William Mattar Offices is here to help raise awareness about carbon monoxide poisoning. January is Carbon Monoxide Awareness Month. It is called the “silent killer” because it is colorless, odorless and could be leaking in your home. At high levels this toxic gas can kill a person in minutes. In February 2010, New York State passed “Amanda’s Law” (named after Amanda Hansen) requiring the installation of carbon monoxide detectors in all homes in the state of New York.
The best way to protect your loved ones from this gas is with an in-home alarm. Place a detector on every floor and near sleeping quarters. Change the batteries on your detector regularly. Replace your detector every 5 years to ensure it is in proper working order.