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What is YPOP?

Posted at 6:17 PM, Nov 02, 2021
and last updated 2021-11-02 18:17:11-04

Emily is at Olmsted Parks to talk about a program called Young Professionals for Olmsted Parks or YPOP. Why get involved? Stephanie Crockatt, executive director, Buffalo Olmsted Parks Conservancy says it’s helping with volunteering, it’s helping to learn about your Olmsted parks and the green assets that are right here that are joining every neighborhood and it is an opportunity for people to give back while they are also learning a little bit about non-profit board service. She says there are a lot of angles but mostly it’s just about being good park stewards and giving back.

Greg Dionne, former YPOP participant says he is excited for the opportunity that they have before them. He says it is a wonderful program and it is incredibly valuable for everyone who wants to go through this program. Greg says the main benefit for him from this program was everyone he was able to meet and learn about and everyone brings their own unique professional experience and skill set to the table, so really you have this diverse array of people who you can learn from and grow from as a person.

If you are interested in YPOP it is open now through November 21st for applications. The program will start in February of 2022 and will run through October 2022. Stephanie Crockatt says 2022 is an amazing year in the Olmsted Parks because Olmsted is celebrating the 200th birthday of the great man all across the nation so whoever is a part of this class is going to be having a lot of fun, extra fun.

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