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What is SNAP and how it can help you?

Posted at 12:47 PM, Dec 30, 2021

Linda Pellegrino, Erie County Senior Services spokesperson says she is excited to still be helping the community and learning about things that can help so many people especially this time of year when we want to put healthy food on the table. She says it’s the holidays and we want to do things a little special but sometimes paychecks only go so far, and those little extras get lost and unfortunately what gets lost the most are the healthy food options that we want to put in front of our kids and families.

Linda says Erie County Senior Services is very happy to let everyone know that they have a program called SNAP and it is Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program and here they can help you put healthy food on the table every single month, but you have to apply to see if you are eligible for it. She says once you apply, the wonderful people from SNAP, who are all local in Erie County will work with you to find out more about your household income and whatever your household income is will determine if you are eligible for SNAP. If you are eligible, they will issue you an electronic benefit transfer card, which looks just like a credit card. Linda says they will set up the account for you and they will put money in that account, and you can go to any authorized food store and use it just like a credit card for healthy food choices for your family.

For more information give them a call at 716-858-7239