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What is Pink Friday?

Posted at 3:24 PM, Nov 20, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-20 15:24:32-05

Mel visited the Totally Buffalo Store. Mary Friona-Celani from the Totally Buffalo store says the store is about people. It’s about people who have incredible talent that work so hard, that run small businesses that are the backbone of our community. Local small businesses help keep everything running and this is what this is all about. It’s about celebrating the people, the places, the events, and everything we love about Buffalo all under one roof.

Scott Celani, from the Totally Buffalo store says there is so much talent among the vendors in this community. He says so much of it is handmade, the yard signs, the frames, and so many creative things in the store from jewellery to even the shirts that are made locally. Every vendor there is Western New York based so every dollar you spend here stays in the community.

Mary Friona-Celani says they are all local artisans. She says they have small businesses, some of them do it on the side and for some, it is their livelihood and over the past few months they haven’t been able to do anything so they have been really struggling. She says what better way to give a helping hand to all of these folks and sell their products for them and help the local economy. Plus, she says, people love buying Buffalo items; there is such a pride in this area so it is really a win-win.

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