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Wellness Wednesday – Refocusing your energy

Posted at 5:02 PM, May 26, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-26 17:02:52-04

Dr. Nicole Ferguson says people can only understand from their level of perception. That is their past or current knowledge or experience. If any one of these are limited, that means they will be tackling your situation from a limited perspective. Dr. Nicole says it’s almost like someone is standing behind a fence trying to tell you what is going on in your own backyard. She says they can only comment on what they can view, and if they are not getting the full view, they will think they have all the facts, but they really don’t. Dr. Nicole says there is an African proverb that says stop expecting to be understood by people who have very little understanding of themselves and that is very true. Humans by nature, she says, are very hypocritical; we think we have the perfect solutions for problems we aren’t even in.

Dr. Nicole says on her mental health journey she found that it is so quite easy to refocus her energy on doing what’s best for her as opposed to explaining herself. She learned to live life on her own terms, and she is finding comfort in letting other people be wrong. She says do what’s best for you, stop explaining yourself and as always be well.

Dr. Nicole Ferguson is the author of Unstoppable Joy.

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