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Wellness Wednesday – Mental health moment

Posted at 3:10 PM, Jan 13, 2021

Dr. Nicole Ferguson, author of Unstoppable Joy says the key to embracing uncertainty is by focusing on the things you can control verses focusing on the things you can’t control. By reframing our thoughts, we literally empower ourselves to handle situations that initially appear hopeless. She says taking control of the things we can handle in a situation is by far the best way to handle feelings of helplessness. For instance, we may worry about developing an illness. While we can’t do much about that, Dr. Nicole says what can we control in this situation. We can control our efforts to prevent it, so we can take our vitamins; we can exercise regularly; we can eat healthy and we can stay on top of our annual wellness visits. She says the things we can control; that’s where our power lays.

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