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Wednesday at the Erie County Fair

Posted at 4:00 PM, Aug 18, 2021
and last updated 2021-08-18 16:00:14-04

Mel talks with Allison Gabel, this year’s Erie County Fair Dairy Princess. A big part of what she does as dairy princess is raise funds for local food banks. She says they have a booth in the Agricultural Discovery Center. They have a wheel you can spin for a dollar to win a prize. Half of the money raised goes toward their program and the other half to a food bank of her choice. The donation to the food bank is made in the Spring.

When you are at the fair, tasting fair food is a must. Mel is talking with Lindsey Constantine from Red’s Red Apples. They have candy apples or toffey apples as Mel calls them as well as cotton candy or as they say it in Australia “fairy floss.” Red’s Red Apples has three locations. One is on 42nd Street, one on trackside and one by the entertainment pavilion.

Mercedes Wilson, from Recipes for Life is on the hunt for great fair food. Today she discovers avocado fries at the Eastern Pearl. It is a full avocado that is freshly sliced and battered in Italian seasoning and deep fried. It is served with their signature of mango chutney sauce. Ethan from the Eastern Pearl says it is a healthier alternative to the regular fries you find at the fair. He says they have a variety of items you can try including avocado wontons. They also serve bubble tea that comes in nine different flavors and on top of that they serve signature Chinese dishes like spring rolls, rice, crab lagoon, Lo Mein and more.

Mel tries her hand at feed a baby calf. The calf, Clementine, was born at 4:29am this morning. Barry Flansburg, head of Agriculture Discovery Center, says there was a calf born yesterday afternoon at 2:56pm and they have four more cows that waiting to have calves.

Emily takes on I Got It. Emily tells Jack from Boxall’s Concessions that she has never played or worked I Got It. Jack shows her how to be a worker at the game.

Mel meets the Fire Guy. He demonstrates some of the awesome tricks he does with fire sticks. Fire Guy tells Mel he is the number 1 fire-eater in the world, holding the Guinness World Record for the most torches extinguished by fire eating in 60 seconds. He says he ate 101 torches in 60 seconds beating the old record of 99 torches eaten in 60 seconds. The Fire Guy has performances every day at 12:30, 4:00 and 7:30 in front of the Heritage building.

Mel is back at the Agricultural Discovery Center to meet some baby piglets. She tries her hand at holding a piglet. The piglets were born on August 2nd. You can see piglets every day at the fair.

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