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Visit Costa Rica with Linda Pellegrino

Posted at 2:15 PM, Nov 02, 2017

Linda and our W.N.Y. travelers had a great time in Italy and it was all arranged by Go Senior Radio Buffalo and Go Ahead Tours. We are already planning our next trip. The next trip is in April and you can go to Costa Rica with Linda. It’s a nine-day extravaganza with a three day extension if you want to stay. The tour highlights include three diverse national parks, monkey and wildlife sightings, a muscle soothing soak in volcanic hot springs, a birds eye view of the rainforest, hundreds of species of colorful birds and so much more. There will be a meeting later this month for all interested parties. For more information you can call this local number: 310-6824 and ask about the trip, “Costa Rica Nights with Linda Pellegrino.”