Unstoppable Joy

Dr. Nicole Robinson
Posted at 11:55 AM, Sep 12, 2016

We all struggle. We doubt our abilities, and we feel hopeless about our future.

For some of us, these struggles manifest as depression, and for others, as a rough patch. In difficult times, we lean on our friends for comfort and guidance. We consult that one person with the wisdom and courage to tell us exactly what we need to hear.

In Unstoppable Joy, Dr. Nicole Robinson becomes that friend. Through personal experiences and expertise, Dr. Robinson shares tangible ways to find happiness—to wade the muddy road of anger and sadness to a place of joy, where we can live our best lives. This book shares ways to overcome all the joy stoppers in our lives, including unrealistic expectations, people pleasing, and neglecting our physical and mental selves; discussing each of these issues with love, depth, and compassion.