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Tuesday tips for a dream kitchen - The process of remodeling your kitchen

Posted at 5:10 PM, Nov 09, 2021

Mel is with Molly Bardwell, design consultant from ACME Cabinet Company and she is going to show us the process of taking the kitchen you have and turning it into the kitchen you want.

Molly says an open concept is really popular lately and with the older homes in Buffalo most of the time a wall has to come down in order to do that. She says they start that process by coming into the person’s home, assessing the area, talking to them about their needs, how they use their kitchen in their day-to-day life. Then she says we go back to the office and play around with the dimensions and cabinets and find something they love.

Functionality is also really important. Molly says they listen to the customer and figure out how they use they their kitchen. Something like pull-outs in a pantry are a good use of vertical space and they are really accessible for children.

Molly says all of their cabinets come standard with soft-close doors and drawers so there is no slamming your fingers in them or no loud banging of opening and closing. She says you do have the option of glass doors in all three of their lines.

She says trash pull-outs are really popular and another great accessory is the spice pull-out. Molly says it is really handy to have it right by the stove so when you are cooking you can very quickly season as needed and it’s another great use of vertical storage and nice to have.

Molly says they work very closely with your contractor just to make sure everyone is on the same page. If they do have any questions during the process, Molly says we have our project liaison, who will come in and help out as needed. Molly goes on to say the contractors are the most important part of the job beside from the design. She says it really does take a village but together we can do it.

For more information visit or give them a call at 716-381-8888.