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Tuesday tips for a dream kitchen

Posted at 6:05 PM, Oct 12, 2021

Sean Wrafter, co-owner of ACME Cabinet Company says they start their process with a free in-home consultation. After they provide you with a design that is also free, they ask you to come into their showroom. He says they want you to see, touch and feel the product to make sure you understand what it is they are suggesting that you put in your home. They carry three different lines of cabinets and they are all displayed in their showroom. Sean says we are not a budget company however, we do tend to be between 10 and 20% less than our competitors. Sean says I makes sure to tell everyone we are not a budget company because I don’t want people to think they are not getting the best product and service when they come to us because they absolutely are.

Sean wanted to make sure the building represented all of the different things that they are capable of doing. When you walk into the showroom you will walk into a very beautiful, elegant kitchen. As you go back farther into the consultation area, Sean says we can get more funky and unique if that is your style. Their displays are designed to really be able to show you and articulate every single thing that you may want or need in your kitchen.

Once you have seen everything they have to offer, that’s when they start to put everything together and that’s when you go into the consultation area. Keith Szczgiel, co-owner of ACME Cabinet Company says in the design center at ACME Cabinet Company he and the other designers use software help illustrate what you are getting in your layout and also make quick easy changes on the fly so we can have a collaborative effort with our customers when going through your layout. Keith says the most important thing about design is to listen to your customers because when you listen to them, you can give them exactly what they want. He says the great thing about the software they use is it really allows us to articulate to our customer what it will look like when it is done. It allows them to pan around the room, open and close doors and really give you a great sense of your project before you ever lift a hammer or pull drywall off the wall.

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