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Top Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals

Posted at 3:26 PM, Nov 20, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-20 15:26:14-05

Black Friday and Cyber Monday is on its way and tech expert Andrea Smith gives us some tips. Andrea Smith says 2020 is not an ordinary year so the hottest gadgets have kind of changed a little. We are really into things that help us multitask and get things done. The top this year is the iRobot Rumba i3 Plus. It vacuums the whole house while you work. It has smart navigation; it uses floor tracking sensors to make it’s way through your whole house, picking up all that pet hair, dirt and debris along the way and when it’s done cleaning not only does it return itself to the base, it will automatically empty itself into the bin which means you don’t have to touch it.

This year a lot of people are talking about dash cams. The Cobra SC200D is a smart dash cam. It records the road ahead of you and behind you for safer driving. The drive smarter app gives you real time alerts like speed traps, red light cameras and you can access all of your videos from the app. It has hands-free voice controls that lets you turn on display on and off just using your voice and lock the video in case of a fender bender.

If you like to get all your holiday shopping done in one place, head over to BJ’s Wholesale Club because they are making it easy to get all the shopping done. Members can choose from a variety of shopping options on tech gadgets.

Andrea Smith says don’t worry about Black Friday or Cyber Monday because it is going to be all month. Check online everyday but before you go online this is prime season for scammers and cyber crooks. Andrea says keep your identity safe and this can be done with one software, McAfee total protection.

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