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Todd and Leslie Shatkin Institute for Mobility, Innovation and Technology

Posted at 7:29 PM, Sep 13, 2021
and last updated 2021-09-13 19:29:51-04

Western New York will soon be home to an advanced rehab facility. At Daemen College, the Todd and Leslie Shatkin Institute for Mobility, Innovation and Technology is set to harness cutting edge industrial science and robotics and help change lives. Dr. Todd Shatkin says he and his wife Leslie are excited to be supporting this amazing project at Daemen College.

Dr. Todd Shatkin says it is going t be located right across from thier building at 2525 Kensington Avenue. It is going to help people who are quadriplegic and paraplegic, with any kind of defects or trauma, veterans and the like, begin to walk again and use their limbs. He says it is an unbelievable project and there is nothing like it in this part of the country. It is exoskeletal robotics. Dr. Todd Shatkin says it is teaching people who have had problems with walking and functioning for so many years and they are going to be able to get up and walk again. The closest place that has something like this is Denver. He says the entire region is going to be able to come and get these amazing treatments and amazing training so that they can function in everyday life.

Dr. Todd Shatkin says there is an ambitious timeline for the opeing. They hope to open in 2022. Dr. Shatkin says it is an agressive goal; we hope to open in a year and says we'll see if we can get to that point because there is a lot of construciton and equipment to purchase and install but I know they raised in excess of two million dollars for this project and they are really excited about it and he and his wife are thrilled to be a part of it.

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