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Tis the season for tech-ing the halls

Posted at 5:36 PM, Dec 08, 2021
and last updated 2021-12-08 17:36:27-05

Steve Greenberg, innovation and tech expert says there is still time to get those tech gifts, but you will have to move on it. This is going to be a strange year with supply chain problems and shipping issues, it’s not the time of year and he says this is not the year to be a last-minute shopper. Steve has some gift ideas for you.

If you have a pet cat, a pretty cool gadget is the Felaqua Connect by Sure Pet Care. It is a smart water bowl that can monitor the drinking habits of up to 32 different cats. Using the task microchip, it measures how often they drink, how much they drink and when they drink. Steve says it is important to be aware of your cats drinking behavior because veterinarians agree, a change in drinking behavior is a serious health indicator in middle aged or older cats.

A great gift for the person who likes to cook is the smart thermometer from Yummly. Steve says this is a must have if you are cooking steaks, chicken, turkey or fish, whether you are making it on the barbecue, the oven or on the stove top or even in an air fryer. He says it is a smart, totally wireless thermometer that works with the Yummly app and Bluetooth so you can keep an eye on the food up to 150 feet away. This way you can still hang out with your friends and know when to flip those steaks. Steve says with the multi-probe feature you can actually monitor up to four different meats at the same time so if uncle Phil wants medium rare and Grandma Becky wants well done, it’s not a problem.

Steve says the government says the average consumer is going to spend $541 on tech gifts this holiday season, and T-Mobile is working to bring that number down to zero with an iPhone 13 that cost nothing. He says new and existing customers can trade in an eligible devise on T-Mobile’s most popular plan, Magenta Max and get an iPhone 13 for nothing, just pay the sales tax, and it has unlimited data, the largest 5G network, plus exclusive benefit and perks.

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