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Tips on teeth cleaning

Posted at 5:15 PM, Sep 22, 2020
and last updated 2020-09-22 17:15:24-04

It’s time to get back on tract with your dental hygiene routine. Mel is at Dr. Todd Shatkin’s office for her cleaning. She asks Dr. Shatkin if people should be worried about going back to the dentist. He says they have the best safety equipment. They are taking every precaution to make it very safe for you to come back. In fact, he says they have worked all through the COVID-19 crisis; they didn’t stop working there and they did not have any issues at all.

People are behind on their cleanings because they were nervous to come back. They should be coming every 4 to six months and for some people it has been a year, but they have seen an influx when they opened up fully on June 1st. Dr. Shatkin says it’s an excellent time to come back to the dentist; they are fully equipped to handle whatever they had and they also have four dental residents there along with their regular staff and things are very busy.

They are also doing COVID testing there. Dr. Shatkin says any patients that have any concerns; if they have a fever or they’re nervous; or have been exposed to somebody that has had a positive COVID test they want to test you and make sure you hare healthy and safe before you come into the office. When patients fill out the questionnaire at the front desk and if they have been exposed to someone or they had some of the symptoms they want to do a test and they are doing the test right there.


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