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Tips for keeping your car looking fabulous

Posted at 5:12 PM, Dec 23, 2021

When you are buying a new vehicle, you want to make sure you are doing everything you possibly can to protect that investment and that includes the products you put on your vehicles and Emily is at Mercedes Benz Buffalo to talk about the products that are currently available.

Emily is standing in front of one of the most beautiful and most expensive cars on the planet. Zack Ottaway, business manager says it is the AMG GT Black series 2021. It is one of 300 in the entire United States.

For a car like this, Zack says he would start with an expel paint protection. He says essentially it is a clear wrap that I would wrap around the hood of the car to prevent raw chips, scuffs and things like that, for a car like this that is so low to the ground. Secondly, he says one they do in house is called a ceramic coating. He says essentially it is a coating a hundred times thicker that a coat of wax where we put it on by hand and it hardens and it creates a slippery surface to enhance the gloss, keeping it a lot cleaner a lot longer.

Are these techniques something you can only have done at Mercedes shops? Zack says no, these are things done at detail shops around the country and these two things we can do not just on a car like this but any family car, on anything we offer and even on non-Mercedes cars.

You can protect the inside of your car to. The first thing Justin Calamita, lead detailer, recommends is ceramic protection such as the ceramic coat, and a fabric guard, scotch guard. The ceramic coat is similar to what you put on the outside and Justin says it makes it more stain resistant, easier to clean and keep clean.

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