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Tips for a dream kitchen

Posted at 6:54 PM, Sep 07, 2021
and last updated 2021-09-07 18:54:40-04

Sean Wrafter and Keith Szcygiel are co-owners of ACME Cabinet Company. They are a kitchen cabinet dealership and kitchen design studio. Today Mel is onsite in Clarence at a major home renovation in Clarence, NY where Sean and Keith will show us where to start when it comes to crafting your dream kitchen.

Keith says we start our process by coming to your home and doing an in-home consultation, where they measure your space and talk about your needs, wants and anything you need in your kitchen. They take that information and create a layout that they can use to design your kitchen. Sean says it is really important for us that when we design your space, we’re listening to you and paying attention and making sure you get exactly what you asked for.

What makes a dream kitchen? Sean says everyone’s dream kitchen is different because everyone has a different dream. So that’s where Keith starts. Keith says the first question he asks is how do you use your kitchen? After meeting with the homeowner and the family, we talked all about their details and we ended up this layout that is flexible and versatile for them.

What are the features you put into this kitchen? Sean says basically the biggest thing that Keith took into consideration right away is that the family entertains a lot. They wanted to make sure that even though the stove and the sink are the central parts, that there were things that people coming into to spend time here could access without bothering whoever was doing the cooking. This particular kitchen, because of the size of it they decided to mirror some elements on both ends of the island including trash pullouts and two dishwashers so anybody could access either item from any point without interrupting the flow of whoever is cooking or cleaning. The appliance garage is a highly functional yet aesthetic pleasing way to hide appliances you don’t want to see all day so you can see and enjoy the backsplash or other elements of your kitchen that looks nice.

This is a big kitchen for a big family, but you do kitchens of all sizes. Are there things that are transferrable no matter what the size of the kitchen. Sean says sure, good design is good design no matter what the size and says he likes to think they treat every single customer with the same care, patience and focus no matter what size the project is. He says it is all about the customer wants.

Keith says in any kitchen regardless of its size, the important thing is to have a place for everything so with organizers that are inserted in the drawer or in other cupboards there’s a way, a place for everything, so no matter how small or large your kitchen is, you can function and use it freely without any issue.

Every line of cupboards, that they sell comes standard with soft close drawers and doors which is a great feature. Keith says it keeps the noise out and adds longevity to the cabinets so things aren’t slamming.

Sean says it’s really important for your kitchen to look good; it’s also really important for it to work well and we think we can accomplish both every time. Keith says as a designer there is no better feeling than getting people excited about their new kitchen space and we love doing it every single day.

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