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Time Magazine’s Invention of the Year for 2020

Posted at 5:20 PM, Mar 12, 2021

Ulli Haslacher, founder and CEO of Pour Moi Climate-Smart Skincare says it is secret sauce for all the different climates because it really is based on humidity, temperature and air pressure. Everything in you skin changes because of the biochemistry of skin changes so function of the skin changes hydration of the skin changes so Pour Mio is the World’s first and only skincare in the world that actually aligns with that dynamic process of skin and has created a different formula for what you need in your climate and then you dress your skin like you dress yourself so you rotate the moisturizers and that why they won invention of the year with Time magazine.

Haslacher says she brought everything you need for youthful skin in Buffalo and it comes today at a wonderful price so everyone can try it. She says here’s have two US patents. You get two different moisturizers. When it is cold outside you use the polar day cream for youthful skin and when it goes to the mild spring-like temperatures in the next couple of weeks you rotate to the temperate day cream and you pair with the black serum which is specifically formulated for the harsh climate you are in and it in infused with real diamond powder.

She says all their products are made in France and they are coming from the Rhone region which is known as the Silicon Valley of beauty so you really get prestige skincare just working a little bit better that the other one because it is made for where you are.

Haslacher says it is so hard to get a patent in skincare in the U.S. You have to prove that it works. She says you have to prove that this is completely unique while we all know that over 90% of the products on the retail shelf are pretty much the same formula; maybe a little bit different but it is just a different name, and a different design and a different bottle. She says we’ve done the same since the 1950’s the same way; by skin type, age, ethnicity, gender but the truth is most people just get mediocre at best results and she says this is different.

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