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Tickets available for shows at Shea’s

Posted at 4:21 PM, Sep 01, 2021
and last updated 2021-09-01 18:43:23-04

Michael Murphy, president, Shea’s Performing Arts says they are thrilled that they are able to be open next Friday with Disney’s Frozen but we also have other shows on sale and it’s very exciting.

Tootsie, the Musical based on that great movie with Dustin Hoffman, Gina Davis, and Jessica Lane is now a great musical. Michael Murphy says it’s powerful music and a powerful story about women taking control. You can see Tootsie at Shea’s from Oclober 10th – 16th.

Michael says The Band’s Visit is probably his favorite show of the season. It’s a quiet story. He says you don’t know what you are going to experience, and you come out of the theater transformed. It’s a powerful story about love and race and international relations and religion. The Band’s Visit is at Shea’s November 2nd – 7th.

Next on Shea’s calendar is Escape to Margaritaville. It is at Shea’s November 16th – 21st. Michael says it’s a wonderful show; it’s a lot of fun and you just get that vibe of being down at the beach and having a good time. There is a lot of dancing and a lot of fun music and it’s a really good time for people.

Tickets are now on sale for Pretty Woman: The Musical. It runs from November 30th – December 5th. Michael says it is very close to the movie and those iconic moments from the film where she is closing the box and in the opera seat are all in the musical.

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