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This is Teacher Appreciation Week

Posted at 6:01 PM, May 02, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-02 18:01:01-04

Today is the beginning of Teacher Appreciation Week so there is not better day to dive deeper into what we can expect to see on the 3rd Annual Excellence in Education Awards.

Teachers work hard and Kimber DiVincenzo, director of operations, Work-Fit, Inc. when she called the teachers to tell them they were nominated, she says the first response is shock, a little bit of awe and then I think the next level goes to ‘but why me’ and we’ve had to tell people, well absolutely you have been nominated, people are celebrating you and they always think, I have another teacher I would like to nominate and then just the humility, the joy and the delight. She says people truly, truly feel honored, so much though that I have teared up making the phone calls to tell people they were the finalists.

Kimber says one of her favorite moments was calling a teacher who was working the weekends taking care of their students, they had their phone on speaker phone and their students were there so they could hear that I was calling to tell them they were a finalist and just the joy from the students and the celebration in the background while the teacher was still processing the thought and understanding that was the perfect example; here they were giving so much more than required, so much more than the basics, giving of themselves that extra time.

You can watch the Excellence in Education Awards; right here on 7ABC, this Saturday at 7pm and on Sunday at 7pm on WBBZ. You can also go to the Excellence in Education Awards Buffalo Facebook page and watch it there.