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There’s a new burger in town

Posted at 5:58 PM, Jan 20, 2022
and last updated 2022-01-20 17:58:13-05

Mister Sizzles on the Westside has teamed up with local food blogger, Buffalo Food Otaku, to bring flavors of her home country to her hometown of Buffalo.

The new burger is called the Mr. Otaku year of the hog burger. It is a teriyaki pork burger with queso mayo shiitake mushrooms, crispy onions, lettuce served on a brioche roll. Casey Casas, co-owner of Mr. Sizzles says it is sort of our rendition of a fancy McRib and it served with a side of Japanese spiced fries and a cocktail called perfect Osaka which is a Japanese style Manhattan,

The year of the hog burger is a limited release. You can try it at Mr. Sizzles until the end of the month.

Casey says 50% of all proceeds through the month up to February 9th are going to be donated, benefitting Family Meal Hospitality Trust, a local organization that supports hospitality workers here in Western New York.

Jill Gedra, executive director, Family Meal Hospitality Trust says we raise money and if a hospitality worker is in need of assistance with their rent, if they have to go to rehab, if they are having issues finding a house, we are here for them; we want to help them succeed in their life.

Mr. Sizzles is located at 346 Connecticut Street in Buffalo.

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