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The superior service center at Mercedes-Benz of Buffalo

Posted at 6:29 PM, Oct 21, 2021

It is no secret that Mercedes Benz of Buffalo is top of the line when it comes to technological advancements but there is a side of Mercedes Benz that you have rarely seen. It’s called the shop and it is just as impressive.

It’s fall and people are starting to think about weather and winter and normal servicing. Brooke Arber, general manager of Mercedes Benz of Buffalo people are used to all the basic services, oil changes, getting your tires rotated, I don’t think they think about all the technology that goes into servicing your vehicle today. She says much of the cars today are based on computers and that’s what runs your vehicles. So, she wants to show us some of the cool things they have that help them fix your vehicle.

These technical elements to getting your car serviced are pretty cutting edge at Mercedes. Brooke says some are basic that probably most dealerships have today, and then some we are getting into really cutting-edge type things. She says so basic is probably most dealerships are using, a computer-based system where we plug the vehicle in and it helps us to know what’s wrong, where to look, which computer is not functioning, or which part is malfunctioning. It doesn’t give you the fix, it doesn’t exactly tell you why, but it tells you where to look which saves a lot of time in today’s world.

She says they have virtual reality glasses now that we can’t always have someone from Mercedes Benz here and there are situations where we’re not sure how to fix the car or it’s something we’ve never seen before especially when a new car comes out. Brooke says these allow us put them on and to actually communicate with a technical specialist some place else in the country or even the world and they can see exactly what our technicians see so they can make suggestions or they can go back and say we haven’t seen this, how do we fix this, lets research it? It saves time, it saves money from having people travel all over especially during COVID, that was difficult so the ability to use something like this and help service customers is great.

The third thing they are using more so with the newer cars and will continue to grow is remote diagnosis. She says so, today if you are having a problem or you hear something there is a possibility we can scan it or send a software link without you having to drive in here. Brooke says it doesn’t happen all the time and it’s a thing that is getting greater as we go, but what is says is we can do a quick diagnosis; do we see a code, do we see something that is malfunctioning in your car, is it serious, is it not, can we fix it over software or do you need to bring it in. She says that you are going to see grow as technology grows is the ability to try to do as much service as possible virtually or over software since those are computers and, you are coming in for things you really need to come in for

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