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The Spin Doctors are Rockin’ the Downs

Posted at 6:37 PM, Aug 25, 2021

This Friday the Spin Doctors are Rockin’ the Downs. Mel chatted with drummer Aaron Comess and lead singer Chris Barron.

This month is the 30th anniversary of Spin Doctors debut album, Pocket full of Kryptonite. When the album came out, Aaron says, they weren’t even sure if anyone was going to ever hear of the record. He says they have always been a very self-made band coming from New York City and they would play five nights a week playing in all the little clubs around the Village.

Chris Barron says he would like to send a telegram to whatever we did back then like a snail mail letter to his 15 year-old self and be like hey you know, you’re going to do okay.

When asked what he would tell his 15 year-old self about where you are now, Chris says, with a little chuckle he probably would tell my younger me to maybe not smoke as much pot. He goes on to say he doesn’t know what he would tell that kid and he would just probably say hang in there, it works out okay. He says as a kid he had a really rough time. His parents split up when he was little. He says his dad was married for a while to a woman who had a personality disorder and was very hard to be around. He goes on to say you don’t know where your life is going, and half of the time things change for the better and you just have to hang in there because you don’t know when your ship is going to come in and it could come in big.

Aaron says there are a lot of bands who have been around as long as us that maybe just one guy that is left in the band or you go see them and it sounds sort of tired and you feel like they are out there just trying to collect a check but that’s not what’s about with us. He says it’s a lot of fun and you really appreciate what you have as well after this much time.

Aaron says he’s been to Buffalo a lot, but he doesn’t like Buffalo wings at all. He says he loves wings, but he hates Buffalo wings. Mel tells him he must be a very brave man to say that. Aaron says he would like to try our best wings to see if he has a change of heart. Mel tells him when he is here to just call them wings, they are just wings.

Chris says if you don’t think it is a great show, just come and find him and he will give you your money back.

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