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The Road Ahead: 2021 travel trends

Posted at 5:31 PM, Jan 08, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-08 17:31:41-05

Do you love hitting the road? RV share may be the way to get out there. RV Share has done a survey to see what travel trends are headed for this new year.

Jon Gray, RV Share CEO says there is definitely more road travel this year. He said we kind of saw road travel kick-off big time over the summer as people got tired of staying at home and wanted to get out and do something but do it in a way that gave them control over their environment and kept them close to their family. RVing actually had a wonderful year last year as lot of people came to it as a way to travel that gave people control. He says he guesses the highlight of their survey was that travel is expected to rebound. They expect road-tripping to continue be big.

RV Share has booked over 2 million nights in RV’s. This is a great way for people to travel if they don’t want to buy an RV outright. If you already have an RV you could be making money off your RV on the side. Jon Gray says if you have an RV and you rent it through their site over half of the people who rent through RV Share are able to cover 100% of their ownership costs of the RV. He says you are basically getting to use your RV for free because it pays for itself through the rentals. Jon Gray says, they see RV Share used a lot as an extended test drive for people who are considering buying a RV but want to try it out for a weekend with their family before they buy it.

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