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The NFL Draft starts tonight – Who will the Buffalo Bills select?

Posted at 2:49 PM, Apr 28, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-28 14:49:54-04

This year’s draft begins tonight, and our 7 Sports team is keeping its eye on all the moves the Buffalo Bills may be making. Jenna Callari from the Channel 7 Sports team joined us live this morning with a look ahead to tonight’s draft and who the Buffalo Bills could select.

The Buffalo Bills are set to make the 25th pick in the draft tonight and what that mean? Jenna says that’s actually means they are good. In previous years, the Bills had a top ten pick because they didn’t do good the year before. She says so to have a pick 25 we are actually glad to see that, but to be at pick 25 means you’re not going to get those top ten picks, the guys who everyone thinks is going to go right away, but you are also going to get a really good player. She goes on to say for Brandon Beane who is the general manager and some of the other front office they’ve designed a board, they have guys who they think are first rate material and they’re hoping to get one of those guys.

A lot of people have their opinion on the way the Bills should go, and Jenna says there are a couple of positions, I think a lot of us can kind of agree that they can get better in. One of the first ones, she says, is cornerback. They lost one of their starters Levi Wallace to another team and their other starter Tre’Davious White is coming off a season ending injury and we’re not sure what he is going to look like. Some names Jenna named off for that position that could jump right in are Kaiir Elam from Florida and Andrew Booth from Clemson. All those guys she says can come in right away and start right away opposite Tre’Davious White or opposite Dane Jackson if Tre’Davious is not ready to go. Then she says, I’ll throw out Iowa State running back, Breece Hall who can do damage on the ground and do damage in the air and then, like every year, you have Josh Allen you could go after a wide receiver; there are a lot of good wide receivers in this draft.

Tonight on Channel 7, you can watch our Leading the Charge: Draft Special at 7:30pm followed by round one of The NFL Draft at 8pm. Channel 7 is also airing rounds two and three tomorrow night starting at 7pm and rounds four through seven on Saturday starting at noon.