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The new 2021 S-Class from Mercedes-Benz of Buffalo

Posted at 6:01 PM, Sep 23, 2021
and last updated 2021-09-23 18:01:14-04

Emily Lampa got to test drive the new S-580 vehicle at Mercedes-Benz of Buffalo. She spoke with David Frank, sales professional about how technologically advanced this vehicle is. They are in the new Mercedes S-580. Frank say it replaced the previous Mercedes Benz S-560 and a lot of that is going to be with this new technology. He says though this vehicle does looks quite impressive and advanced, they simplified the way that you use everything in this new vehicle. Everything is just at a reach. Frank says they eliminated the use for most buttons so everything is just going to be like you are accustomed to at home; touch pads for everybody who has their home systems like Google and Alexa. You will also have that same personalized assistant in this vehicle. Franks say everything for the most part is going to be digital to eliminate buttons and the complications that the buttons once had.

Emily asked how much the Mercedes assistant can do for you? Frank says virtually, anything you need it to do. For their system, it is triggered by saying “Hey Mercedes.” You can say things like, “Hey Mercedes change the temperature to 65 degrees” and she will adjust the temperature in the vehicle and this is just one thing you can do with the new technology in this car.

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