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The Nap Experience

Posted at 5:29 PM, Aug 03, 2022
and last updated 2022-08-03 17:29:59-04

Emily and Mercedes are ready to take their power nap. Joining them to tell us more are the co-founders, Sandy and Joel Arcadipane.

The Nap experience is a mobile wellness center. A travel trailer is outfitted with five, private rest stations where employees can come on their breaks, close off the world and rest and relax before returning to work.

You can choose to take a power nap, pray, meditate or simply rest and relax in privacy during their session time.

Sandy tells us she has been a power napper since she had kids. She says, “I never knew I could be a power napper. I really didn’t even know what that was, but I would find myself just going to sleep for like twenty minutes at a time because I have kids to watch. I would wake up and say I feel good and so I started that habit and when I was at work one day, I was just kind of falling over my desk and it was a slow day and there wasn’t much to do and I was needing a power nap in the worst way and I was like I just wish a bus would pull up with a bed and I could just lay down, I just need fifteen minutes and I called Joel a half hour later on my break.”

Joel says, “I immediately thought it was a great idea so I was like why don’t we start looking at some trailers today, and I think it was the next day that I was out scoping them out. Because for us, we have been talking about this idea for years, having a business and even the joke about doing a nap center and you know, so this kind of put two and two together.”

Sandy says, “When you come into the Nap Experience everybody receives a timer and it will vibrate when your sleep session is over. When you climb into your nap station you will see that we have a sheet that has QR codes on it and you can scan with your phone. If you scan it you can listen to what it says, deep nap, healing music, relaxing music, relaxing sleep music so whatever you want to try you can go there. We have eye masks, ear plugs, sleep mist spray, it’s like a lavender spray if you so choose and then you get to choose your blanket. We have a really plush blanket and then we have a weighted blanket.”

Joel tells us that each room is customized. They have a room the is an ode to the Bills’ Mafia and is called Queen City. It is all 716 themed. Another room is called Little Lady Liberty which they have a picture of little lady liberty here in Buffalo and one that is called Breaking tables after the Bills Mafia and Sabres rooms in the back called The Aud and Top Shelf. Joel says, “The whole goal here is that you feel at home in 716 with super plush beds with nano toppers and really comfortable pillows. We have gone all out so that you have a great experience.”

For more information go to thenapexperience.comor give them a call at 716-202-8850