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The Links Golf and Tap in Niagara Falls

Posted at 3:40 PM, Aug 05, 2022
and last updated 2022-08-05 15:40:18-04

Rain or shine, there’s a new spot you can go to tee off at and that’s The Links Golf and Tap in Niagara Falls. It is a new indoor golfing location using Trackman golf simulators. Nick Lotempio, owner says, “We have three golf simulators. They are actually Trackman golf simulators, the best in the world you can buy, they are awesome.”

Nick says that these days now with the technology, actually you can get better at golf on these than actually if you were practicing outside, because they tell you all your stats and they have different date parameters. Right now, one of the beys is set up for the golf course and the other the practice range. Nick says “We get a lot of people coming in that just want to practice on their game. On the bottom the screen it shows you all your different data parameters so when you hit your ball it’s telling you how far you carry it, your spin rates, how fast you are swinging the club, so this gets down to the details so if you want to take lessons this is where you want to go.”

The also offer leagues. Last year Nick tells us, that last winter they had three leagues. It’s a fun atmosphere. He says people come in pretty much after work, they had a hard day at work, they come in have a couple drinks and play a round of golf. He says it can get competitive too, everyone keeps score and it’s a good time.

In Niagara County, he says that they are the only one that offers Trackman golf simulators. If you want to have a good time you will have to book your tee time just like on a golf course. You go on their website to book what you want to do. If you don’t have clubs, they have them for you. You can also book an event there.

The Links Golf and Tap also offers a variety of food for you to enjoy as well as drinks like their signature beer that Resurgence locally brews for them called The Links Lager. Nick says, “It’s perfect for a golfer, it’s very refreshing and very light.

For more information give them a call at 716-285-0610 or go to