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The Ideal You Weight Loss Center has the body composition analyzer

Posted at 6:04 PM, Sep 23, 2020
and last updated 2020-09-23 18:04:59-04

Linda Pellegrino was at The Ideal You Weight Loss Center at the DelTon Plaza in Tonawanda. She talked with owner Donna Herberger. When you think about losing weight and losing fat it really matters what kind of fat you are talking about. At The Ideal You Weight Loss Center they have very specialized equipment that can help you with that so you understand your body from the inside out. Donna Herberger says it’s not just a scale it’s a computer. It’s a body composition analyzer (CBA). It is a brand that’s sophisticated and only the top companies have these. Donna says not even a lot of doctors have this technology and they have one at each of their locations. She says the computer is almost $4,000; it’s not your home scale. If you’re on this diet you will automatically be on this scale and get this information. Donna says they do it when people start so they have a baseline and they run the tape every 4th week. You don’t want to just lose weight; you also want to lose fat. Donna Herberger stepped on the scale and her information tape came out and she shows us the information contained on that tape. It showed her weight, the percentage of fat and the weight of her fat. You should have more muscle than fat, and you want preserve that muscle because muscle is the engine that burns calories. That is why men typically lose more weight than women. It also tells you your total water hydration called total body water. It even tells you how much your bones weigh and your basil metabolic rate, which is the amount of calories your body is burning while you are doing nothing. The body composition analyzer gives so much great information about your good health.

At The Ideal You Weight Loss Center women usually lose 2-4 pounds per week and men 2-5 pounds per week and they has helped over 6,000 Western New Yorker’s lose over 260,000 pounds

The Ideal You Weight Loss Center has locations in Clarence, West Seneca and Tonawanda


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