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The House that Beer Built virtual tasting

Posted at 5:33 PM, Jan 08, 2021

Stephanie Lawson, development and communications manager for Habitat for Humanity says they moved their Hammer and Nails event to your couch. For $35 you can purchase a tasting pack with your favorite brewery or distillery. Go to HabitatBuffalo.organd click on the link for all the information. You pick the place you want to get your drinks from and then you get a tasting with that brewery. With your ticket you get tasting glasses, pint glasses, and you get a pack of beer. When you do your virtual tasting, the owner will walk you through each of the beers you are tasting on Zoom. Stephanie Lawson says with COVID, there isn’t a lot to do, so this is a safe and socially distant event from your own couch.

Stephanie Lawson said when they tried to reimagine this campaign, their first thought was how can we support the folks who have been so supportive of us. The local brewing community steps up every year to build a house. She goes on to say that the last three years, with their support, they have built three homes. Now, she says, it’s our turn to look and say how can we be supportive of that same group. Lawson says what’s really great about this campaign is that with every ticket purchased we are purchasing the beer and mead from these local breweries so, not only are you supporting Habitat by attending this event, Habitat is then spending money with a local business and these business really need the support of our community, not just now but when all of this is over we need to rally as a community like we always do in Buffalo. We need to go and support those local businesses because those businesses then step up and support groups like Habitat for Humanity and keep things moving forward with their mission.

They have several tastings going throughout March. Every week you can do a different tasting which supports Habitat for Humanity and local breweries. The first tasting is at the end of January with Flying Bison. Every week it is with a different brewery.

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