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The Future of Fitness after the Pandemic

Posted at 6:01 PM, Sep 16, 2020

Even as gyms begin to welcome guests back, working out at home appears to be here to stay according to a new survey just released from the Beachbody company. According to the survey 9 in 10 people who plan to return to the gym will also continue their at-home workouts. Carl Daikeler, CEO of Beachbody Workouts says millions of people are working out at home; they are learning to eat better; they are still enjoying food and they are finding ways to manage their stress with breathing and mediations. All that is with digital content and the fact that two thirds of Americans are working out at home at least three times a week is incredible and hopefully it’s a sign that healthier habits are here to stay. He goes on to say that he thinks it happened as people realized just how good digital home workouts have gotten. An overwhelming 90% of people surveyed found their at-home fitness routines as effective.

Carl Daikeler says they have seen 1.43 million Beachbody on Demand sign-ups since the start of the pandemic and 79% increase in the number of workouts being streamed daily on their platform and whether it is a ten minute workout or a full hour long routine there is something really gratifying about discovering the convenience of just rolling out of bed and just pushing play. He also says the thing that has attracted subscribers to Beachbody is their reputation for results.

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