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The Diet Center – Weight loss done right

Posted at 5:02 PM, Mar 29, 2021

What is the best thing about The Diet Center? Sheri Zillioux, board certified health and wellness coach says the best thing about The Diet Center is that it is repeatable, predictable weight loss. Every week you should see a loss and you have that accountability coaching where they are going to keep you motivated through your whole journey. She says they help people lose weight and keep it off. Once you reach you weight loss goal they continue working with you for free to help you keep that weight off.

David, a client at The Diet Center lost a huge amount of weight. In fourteen months he lost 268 pounds and he is maintaining it. He says the coaching is amazing.

Sheri Zillioux says the biggest obstacles of losing weight is the portion sizes and controlling every single thing you put in your mouth. She says food is nutrition only and a lot of people have to realize that. To lose weight she says you need to watch portion control and you have to be able to control what you are eating. She says it doesn’t matter how much you want to lose, ten pounds, forty pounds, two hundred pounds; any amount you want to lose they can help you.

The Diet Center has two WNY locations. They are located in Amherst and Lockport.


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