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The Diet Center – The story of Jim Hardy

Posted at 4:35 PM, Sep 03, 2021

Jim Hardy has lost an amazing amount of weight at The Diet Center. He lost 85 pounds. Jim says he feels wonderful and can do so many things now that he couldn’t do before. Jim says he was basically immobile. He would go to work and he has a sitting job and then he would come home and sit in the chair and that was it. He says he was in a lot of pain too which prevented him from walking, and it was a vicious circle. When he first started at The Diet Center, he was 331 but then he was 336. His goal weight is 230 and right now he weighs 245.

The diet version he is on is not the Keto it is the alternative version. For breakfast he has one of their cereals, the cinnamon cereal and says it is delicious. He also has a banana. For lunch he has one of their soups, a yogurt and two cups of vegetables.

Jim says the structure and the accountability has helped him and says you have to be accountable, and they coach you through it and help you so much. Jim says if you aren’t perfect one week they don’t harp on you; they’re not expecting perfection; but whatever you do, whatever you eat is going to affect you. He says so if you have a deviation they say well look what happened this week, you don’t want to do that so next week, so try to be better; what can you do to take your mind off that, or reach for something healthier and they definitely helped. He says without it he would never been able to do it.

One last thing says Jim, he wants to thank his wife because she helped a lot, buying the food and preparing it ahead of time. He tells Emily people worry about the cost and says he is saving money by doing this program. Compared to what he was spending on fast food and the sugary goodness as his wife calls it but it is sugary badness, he says he is saving money. Jim says the food tastes great and you’re going to be happy, and the results speak for themselves he couldn’t be happier.

The Diet Center has three WNY locations in Amherst, Lockport and their new location in Hamburg.


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