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The Diet Center opened a new location in Hamburg

Posted at 5:48 PM, Sep 20, 2021
and last updated 2021-09-20 17:48:49-04

Emily visited The Diet Center’s new location in Hamburg, New York.

Sheri Zillioux, National board-certified health and wellness coach says she is excited about their new location. Sheri says a lot of people have written in that they want to do the program, but they don’t want to travel, due to the weather, and the distance so here we are.

Emily is taking the program and has reached her weight loss goal of 33 pounds. She says meeting with the diet coaches is an integral to the program. Sheri agrees and says we want you to come weekly; the people who come weekly have great success and even when you are done, you still keep coming because we are going to help you keep the weight off.

When asked what she liked about this location, Sheri says she loves McKinley Parkway and that it is right off the exit (exit 56) and there are other businesses around and it’s just a great location.

Andrew Gearhart, leasing agent, Benderson Development says he was excited when he heard they were looking for a location in the south towns because the south towns doesn’t really have a tenant like The Diet Center at all and thinks it will do a great business down here and it will be good for the community.

One of the coaches at the new location is Trish. Sheri says she is very confident with Trish being there. Trish has gone through the journey herself, she lives close by so she can always make it to work, even when it snows says Sheri. Emily says that’s so important and having someone there anytime you need it, has been really important to her on this journey so she really appreciates Sheri and all the coaches at The Diet Center. Sheri says Trish knows how hard weight loss is; it is hard and says if it were easy, we would all be thin.

The Diet Center has three WNY locations in Amherst, Lockport and their new location in Hamburg.

There is a new phone number. If you have questions or want more information call 500-DIET ( 3438) or 716-320-1515. You can also visit