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The Diet Center – Keeping on track

Posted at 7:17 PM, Aug 02, 2021

The coaching and support is great at the Diet Center. Emily talked with Heather, a diet coach at the Diet Center. She talks about how hard it can be for people to do dieting on their own especially when you love to eat out. When people come into The Diet Center and ask if they can eat out, what are they told? Heather says she tells them to limit it because it gets difficult, but you can do it. She says we have a lot of people in the social world with business, and social for personal, so they definitely have to eat out at times, that’s just the way it is. Heather says you have to remember that it is a service industry, and the restaurants and servers are there to help you so if you want to order a nice salad with some chicken and if you ask for no cheese or no croutons, they will work with you.

Emily says a lot of these service industries want to make the food delicious as compared to healthy. There are so many delicious vs. healthy options out there. Heather says that’s why they say to try and limit it because you really don’t know what they are marinating things in. For example, you can order an 8 oz filet, but you don’t know what they are marinating it in or what they are seasoning it with so that’s why it get’s a little difficult. You might get a side of nice fresh beautiful vegetables, but you don’t know if it is exactly two cups and your protocol wants you to be exact, and the better you do, the more accurate you are on the diet, the better you are going to do so, you definitely have to think about those things. Heather says people usually try to stick with salads, go out at lunch and maybe not so much at dinner with family and friends, pass on the bread, pass on the dessert. Get a nice piece of meat or seafood. There are a lot of options on the menu. She says, The Diet Center does sell packets that are individually measured out in boxes, rather than a bottle of salad dressing that you can slip out of your purse and put on your salad. Remember, almost every restaurant has a website that you can look at the menu and figure out ahead of time what to order before you get there.

The Diet Center has two WNY locations. They are located in Amherst and Lockport.


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